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Obtaining a patent for a concept that you have developed gives you control over its use. To see the details of patent application, click here.



The brand image of a new product or service is protected by obtaining registration ofthe brand name and the brand mark. To see the details of trademark registration application, click here.



Obtaining the design right for an article allows you to use it exclusively. To see the details of design registration application, click here.



We fully confirm and understand a client's business activity, then we give the client expert advice from trademark registration application through to dealing with important points inside and outside the country after registration.

A trademark is a name and/or a device (picture) which is used to distinguish goods and services of a company from those of other companies, and protection can be obtained by filing and registering it with the Patent Office.

It may seem to be easier to file a trademark application compared with a patent application. However, if a person without sufficient experience merely files an application formally, he/she will have unexpected trouble. For example, it is necessary to specify the class of "goods and services" when filing an application. However, determining which class the goods belong to is often difficult and this may lead to the goods not being protected.

Besides, in recent years, it is insufficient that you merely file the trademark application and obtain registration. If you do not prepare well to prevent a trademark infringement or for license negotiation with other companies, it is impossible to protect an important brand. Furthermore, in the present global environment, considerable effort is necessary to acquire rights in foreign countries, including Asian nations.

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